Saturday, August 28, 2010

PowerBook 190

Macintosh PowerBook 190

The PowerBook 190 ran on a 33MHz 68LC040 CPU and generally shipped with somewhere between 4-8mb RAM. The original 190 was a 16-shade grayscale display while the 190cs featured a full color display. This same form factor would go on to house the PowerBook 5300 series and allowed for swappable components.

My PowerBook 190 is loaded with 28mb RAM and a 540mb HD. MacOS 7.6.1 is currently installed. There is no built in networking on the 190 so you must use a PCMCIA card to connect to networks via either modem or ethernet. 

These systems can still be used today as a budget word processor for the road. The keyboard has a good feel to it and the design of the laptop allows you to type without causing wrist problems. Web browsing might not be to pleasant but the 190 is fast enough to use such software as Hotline and FirstClass when traveling.

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